Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Drugstore Beauty: New in March

Truth be told, I've been working on this post for two weeks as well as three others. I like to have multiple posts on the go at once to ensure there's a steady flow of content being posted but I am currently in the throws of being made redundant and with that comes a shit load of stress and somehow, a much heavier work load. My days at work have become longer, leaving me little time to get home, eat, shower and try to wind down before hitting the hay. 

Anyway, enough babbling on about the boring stuff. I once again found myself wondering the makeup isles of my local drugstore and picked up a few new things.

Rimmel London Exaggerate eye definer in Nude, NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in  &
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Por Eraser
Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Definer 
I wore this in last weeks makeup post and have wore it virtually everyday since I got it at the beginning of the month. It's great for opening up the eyes and giving the the appearance of being more 'awake'. I'm not normally too keen on waterproof makeup but this is one I'd buy time and time again. In the colder months my eyes tend to tear up a lot on the outer corners causing any liner I'm wearing to wear away a lot faster. 

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
I prefer this sooo much more to the Benefits Porefessional. I like the formula of this because it feels less greasy between the fingers however like Porefessional I apply it after foundation or a tinted moisturiser for best results as I find it seals the pores better than when applied prior. It's also best when dabbed on lightly rather than rubbed on to the skin. Whilst I don't have major pore problem we all have imperfections we like to conceal and the blur or pore erasing products are right up my alley and as I've said before, I even use them on my fine lines across my forehead (side note-I feel like I'm showing my ripe old age of 27 more now than ever because of those pesky lines) Out of the three I've tried thus far (here & here) I would easily buy this again and not just because of the super affordable price!

L'oreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm in 'As If'
L'oreal Paris Infallible Sexy Balm
For so long I've been obsessed with lipliners I wouldn't really look at any other lip related products but over the past few months I have been leaning towards easy and effortless makeup looks that only take 15-20mins to achieve. Don't get me wrong I love a good cat-eye or a bold lip but most days simple is the way to go. I absolutely love this colour, for me it's the perfect natural colour but still gives enough colour coverage. It has a lovely feel when applied and leaves my lips feeling moisturised all day. These balms would be perfect for someone prone to dry lips, especially during the colder months.

NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in 'Glam Pink' 
NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe 
I saw this particular colour last year at my local drugstore around Christmas but it was sold out. I went back multiple times and went to another store to hunt it down and still sold out. When I saw it the beginning of the month I managed to get the last one!! It's a waterproof formula, which I think works well for the type of liner it is as it give you that much need staying power. I will say though, that I have this colour and when I wore it for last years Christmas due I noticed it stung for a bit after I applied it but this one didn't as much so if you have sensitive skin this may not be your jam.  It's the pretties shade of pink with just enough glitter to catch the light. I recently wore it on my birthday which you can see here. I'm not overly adventurous with my makeup but from time to time it's nice to play around with different colours and looks and I felt my birthday was the perfection occasion to do so!

Top & middle L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper in 'Transparent' & Brow Artist Maker in 'Dark Brunette'

L'oreal Brow Artist Maker & Brow Artist Plumper
Where to begin on the 'artist maker'... Guys i'm not so sure I'm feeling this one. Unless one has really full brows I don't think it's a winner. I luuvvve the idea of a brow crayon, I definitely do not like the 'kabuki' brush. It's hard to create a beautifully tapered end to the brow with this. However since I've spent money on it, I'm determined to make it work. I usually draw a line in the centre of my entire brow, brush it out with the kabuki followed by an actual eyebrow brush so it isn't to intense then clean up the edges with a cotton bud and concealer. So.much.work. to create 'the perfect brow but I suppose that's why it's called the 'Brow Artist' right?? Anywho the one thing I like about this is the colour. I've finally found the colour for me! 

Moving onto the Plumper, I'm seriously digging this. I decided to get it in Transparent and I am so happy I did. I don't need to mess things up by adding another colour on top of my now perfected brow. The wand is a great size, ensuring no gunky product is left behind in the brow. A quick brush up at the thickest part of my brow then a clean sweep following the rest of the brow (the way the hairs grow, so in other words away from the middle towards the ear) and I have nicely formed brows that won't move the rest of the day!  

I'd love to know some of your current favourites or new products you're trying! 



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

FOTD: Pink Lips

Happy Wednesday! Apologies, this post is coming to you almost a week late, which I'll address in my next post.

This look is a little more matte than what I've been sporting lately but it's always fun to switch things up from time to time. I also changed it up a little with a coloured lip which I haven't done in a very long time but kept to my usual cateye! I used the Rimmel London Exaggerate eye definer in nude for the first time for this look. I normally use NYX white liner but often find it gives more of a 60's vibe rather than a soft 'awake' look. The nude gives a perfect a natural look. It glides on really nicely, with the formula being creamy and is waterproof which is the best for those with water eyes like me, so it doesn't disappear after an hour. 

Natio primer + contour palette
Makeup Forever Colour Equalizer colour corrector
Benifit The Porefessional pore appearance minimiser
Urban Decay Naked Skin One 7 Done tinted
 moisturiser Medium
L'oreal True Match concealer  (4)Beige Natural
Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover powder Medium
Laura Mercier baked blush illuminate Rosé

Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes palette using shades 1,2,4 & 5
Kat Von D Tattoo liner Trooper
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara Black
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer Nude on bottom lash line
Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes palette shade 5 under bottom lash line

The Body Shop Lip Line Fixer
Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Mysterious Red
MAC Pro Longwear lipcreme Love Forever similar here